If you’re well-versed in the fitness industry (YouTube more specifically), then a lot of the parodies below won’t need much explaining, but when you’re not, I’ll do my favorite to give you the fast rundown. Jujimufu (Jon Call) recently published a relevant video with YouTube personality Philion that parodies a lot of the top fitness focused channels.

The video below covers over twelve of the most popular YouTube channels (personalities) plus some of these include Meg Squats, Jeff Nippard, Omar Isuf, and lots of many more. Jujumufu, Philion, and Tom Boyden not only capture signature catch phrases these personalities use, but also their filming styles.

For people who consistently watch YouTube channels, or enjoy a good fitness-focused parody, i quickly highly recommend watching the entire video below.

And for those who might not know every personality or channel featured, I’ve included a quick table of contents below with relevant time stamps on each personality to help you find your favorites. Keep in mind, they are rough guesstimates each and every personality and corresponding time stamp, as there’s no official time stamp.

  • Christian Guzman: 0:00 – 0:34
  • Jeff Nippart: 0:34 – 0:43
  • Bradley Martyn: 0:45 – 1:33
  • Omar Isuf: 1:34 – 2:03
  • Meg Squats: 2:04 – 2:30
  • Kinobody: 2:33 – 3:05
  • Calum von Moger: 3:07 – 3:20
  • Maxx Chewning: 3:21 – 4:28
  • Elliot Hulse: 4:30 – 4:36
  • Brandon Carter: 4:37 – 5:02
  • Christian Guzman: 5:04 – 5:19
  • Alpha Destiny: 5:21 – 5:32
  • Kenny KO: 5:33 – 5:36
  • Nick’s Strength & Power: 5:37 – 5:54
  • Eric Bugenhagan: 5:55 – 6:44
  • Christian Guzman: 6:45 – 7:26
  • Jeff Nippard: 7:27 – 9:29

The best part of the video is the fact that it’s not only an ideal quantity of friendly fun, it got reactions from a large amount of the personalities featured.?Omar Isuf responded with, And……sponsored. This video is amazing. I would like MORE.”?

Jeff Nippard replied saying, LOL the study and graphics were so clean! On another note, I had been also surprised to determine a mere 84% yearly [edited for language] rate in that 25-29 age bracket (especially given the massive sample size!). Hopefully this informative video will remind others to prevent skipping “[edited for language] day”

This isn’t the first time we’ve covered a Jujimufu video, and it’s most likely not our last. In terms of laugh aloud fitness parodies, this one definitely takes the cake.

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