CrossFit is an organization – some would refer to it as more of a movement – with tremendous respect for that military and law enforcement officers, and that\’s why among the sport\’s best known traditions is the Hero WODs, or Workouts during the day.

The most widely known is almost certainly \”Murph,\” the workout named after Usa Navy SEAL Lieutenant Michael Murphy who was killed by Taliban forces in 2005. (Dwayne Johnson made it happen with John Krasinski this season on Memorial Day.)

Sometimes, out of the box the situation with Memorial Day Murphs, Hero WODs usually are meant to help raise money for any charitable cause. After this week\’s rescue of twelve Thai schoolboys as well as their soccer coach from Chiang Rai\’s Tham Luang cave, there have been calls for a new WOD dedicated to the only person who died during the operation.

Thirty-eight-year-old Thai Navy SEAL Saman Gunan delivered oxygen tanks towards the trapped boys as well as their coach but ran from oxygen for himself around the trip out of the cave system. CrossFit Chiang Mai is launching their own Hero WOD dedicated to the person as well as on August 11, anyone and everybody is invited to sign up.

8 Rounds for Time

13 Deadlifts (185lb/125lb)

17 Wall Balls (20lb/14lb)

400m run

There\’s some symbolism here:

The Saman Hero WOD includes running 3.2 kilometers – the distance the boys as well as their coaches were into the cave. Each round includes 13 deadlifts, representing the 13 people who Saman gave his life to rescue, and 17 wall ball repetitions, representing their 17 days underground.

At the time of writing it has been confirmed the WOD will be done by athletes as far flung as Holland, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Canada, and all sorts of within the Usa – even people in the Royal Thai Navy themselves will take part.

All the funds received will be donated to Gunan\’s widow Waleeporn Gunan. If you are thinking about taking part, keep close track of the Facebook group, where instructions regarding how to donate will be posted in the coming days.

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