Transparent Labs is a well-liked supplement company that actually likes to emphasize – big surprise – transparency within their products. They don’t just get really, really specific using their measurements (you will find 9.411 grams of pea protein isolate per serving of the vegan protein), they also provide certificates of research and authenticity on their website. Today we’re reviewing their organic rice & pea protein powder.

Another potential bonus, a minimum of for many customers, is that there are no artificial flavors or sweeteners most of the supplements they provide. Their vegan protein provides extensive other things going for it that many competitors don’t: it’s organic, it’s soy free, and boy oh boy could it be reduced carb.

Transparent Labs Organic Vegan Rice & Pea Proteins are obtainable in two flavors, and we took the Vanilla for a spin.

Transparent Labs Organic Vegan Rice & Pea Protein Nutrition

One scoop is 32.05 grams – again, they get very specific – and there are 120 calories. That’s 24 grams of protein, 3 grams of carbs (1 gram fiber, 2 grams sugar), and a pair of grams of fat (none saturated). There’s no cholesterol, no sodium, and no vitamins or any other minerals at all.

Transparent Labs Vegan Protein Review

Transparent Labs Organic Vegan Rice & Pea Protein Ingredients

Everything except the salt here\’s organic: rice protein (20g), pea protein isolate (9.411g), natural flavor (1.56g), pure vanilla sugar (500mg), Himalayan rock salt (310mg), and stevia (270mg).

Transparent Labs Organic Vegan Rice & Pea Protein Benefits & Effectiveness

The first thing I noticed with this particular product was that it’s extraordinarily low carb for any vegan protein powder. Contrary to popular belief, plant-based products don\’t have any trouble providing a complete amino acid profile – putting rice and peas together does a fantastic job – but coming up with a reduced carb vegan protein can be tricky. The macros in Transparent Labs’ product are similar to what I’d expect to find inside a whey concentrate. I’m not sure I’ve seen this type of high protein to carb ratio in a plant-based product even though this isn’t to state carbs are something that ought to be avoided, it does make for a protein powder that’s very versatile.

Transparent Labs Vegan Protein Packaging

I seemed to be surprised at the micronutrients. For something made mostly from rice and legumes, it’s a good assumption there\’d attend least some B-vitamins, but no vitamins or minerals are right here whatsoever. Few individuals consider protein powders and great causes of micronutrients, but it’s not uncommon for competitors to contain a decent amount of calcium or iron. Not too here.

But you may still find a lot of things going for the product. Not only the possible lack of artificial ingredients, but there’s also no soy, no gluten, no preservatives, and it’s organic. Having said that, there’s an allergen warning proclaiming that the product was made on equipment that also processes products containing milk, eggs, soybeans, wheat, shellfish, fish oil, tree nuts, and peanut oil. For those who have super sensitive allergies or if you don’t like your vegan products to become anywhere near animal products, that might be a reason for pause.

Transparent Labs Organic Vegan Rice & Pea Protein Price

You can select up a couple.12-pound bag for $49. That provides?30 servings, so it involves $1.63 per serving or 6.8 cents per gram of protein. That’s pretty reasonably priced for an organic vegan protein, which generally cost between 6 and 8 cents per gram.

You can help to save cash by buying in large quantities: two bags cost?$46 each and three bags cost $41 each.

Transparent Labs Organic Vegan Rice & Pea Protein Taste

This is definitely an unusual vanilla taste which actually tastes a lot more like cookies and cream – well, cookies and cream flavored protein powder. To tell the truth, lots of people feel that “cookies and cream” may be the one flavor nobody continues to be capable of getting quite right in protein powders and I don’t love this one; despite the fact that it’s natural, it tastes as an artificial vanilla. Suffice to say, should you hate other cookies and cream protein powders you will possibly not like Transparent Labs’ vanilla.

On the plus side, it manages to avoid the nutty taste that almost all vegan protein powders tend to have in vanilla.

The Takeaway

Super reduced carb, organic, all natural and affordable, there’s a great deal to like about Transparent Labs’ Organic Vegan Rice & Pea Protein. I can’t say I loved the taste and I would have preferred some thing nutritious, but I think the professionals definitely outweight the disadvantages here.

Transparent Labs Organic Vegan Rice & Pea Protein

Per Serving: $1.63 8










  • No artificial ingredients
  • Very low carb
  • Reasonable price


  • No vitamins or minerals
  • May contain allergens
  • May came into connection with animal products

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