This week has been absolutely huge with news impacting the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games, and we’ll catch you up to speed on everything below. The latest news comes from European Regionals first place finisher Roman Khrennikov, and may come as a shock to many CrossFit athletes and fans around the world.

Yesterday, Khrennikov shared an Instagram post that states he will not be attending the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games. In his Instagram post (loosely translated through the Instagram app) he writes,

“Dear Friends, appreciate whatever you support and willingness to help me! Unfortunately, I will not have the ability to attend Crossfit Games. I\’d be lying basically said I am not upset, but the circumstances are beyond my control, I did all I really could, and that i turned out to be myself and also you (fans) that it\’s possible to be eligible for a Crossfit Games. Allow the preparations for 2019 season begin!”

In your comments ought to section below, many discussed that Khrennikov was twice denied a visa to go to the United States, and pretty much all of the potential choices to buy one have been exhausted, thus forcing Khrennikov to withdraw in the CrossFit Games. Many fans were excited to look at Khrennikov perform in the Games, as he placed on a commanding performance only at that year’s Regionals competition, which contained just one event finish above 5th place.

While under much different circumstances, Khrennikov will now be the second athlete from the 2018 European CrossFit Regionals competition that will not be attending this year’s Games. Three days ago, CrossFit HQ released more information on Regionals athletes that were in breach of the CrossFit Games drug policy, and fourth place European Regionals athlete Andrey Ganin was the type of listed.

Also one of the list was 4-time Games competitor Emily Abbott, who’s since released an answer towards the ban, and three other Games-bound team athletes (and eight more Regionals athlete).

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