Smoothie bowls are brimming with nutrients that assist to enhance a normal heart, clear skin, high energy, and many more. This recipe for just a smoothie bowl is full of antioxidants to enhance complete wellness. This recipe also uses isabgol or psyllium husk. Isabgol is named a powerful home remedy for the and relieving common gastro-intestinal troubles. However, its health improvements will not be tied to digestive health. Psyllium husk might relieve diarrhoea, constipation and acidity. It\’s also famed for the effectiveness for diabetes, anal fissures and piles and it\’s also best for weight reduction. Here are some health rewards of isabgol. This smoothie recipe is an excellent method of obtaining both insoluble and soluble fibre, something which most people fall short of. A further spinach gives this bowl an improvement of heart-healthy folate, as well as the banana provides our bodies by beneficial potassium. Try making this smoothy by Dr Noorul Amen, Naturopathy Physician at Organic India, as being a breakfast or snack.

Smoothie bowl:
1 cup coconut milk
1 packet Psyllium husk powder
1 sachet stevia
1/2 cup fresh blueberries
1/2 cup fresh strawberries
1/2 cup spinach leaves
1 tbsp raw honey
1 banana

? cup cut mango
1 cut kiwi
1/2 cup granola
? tsp cinnamon powder
1 tsp cocoa powder

1. Add each of the smoothie ingredients with stevia on your blender and process until smooth. Stevia vs low calorie sweeteners: which is better?
2. Pour the mix right into a medium-sized bowl.
3. Dice the mango and kiwi. Below are a few other healthy mango recipes you can go.
4. Add granola, mango, and kiwi to bowl. Brand-new tried this granola brand in India?
5.Sprinkle cinnamon and powered cocoa and serve.

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