One on the first things we concentrate on after we want weight loss is reducing our sugar and calories. Sweets and desserts absolutely are a weakness for many individuals so we wish we\’re able to benefit from the same without any guilt. Stevia is an ideal substitute to fulfil your sugar cravings, says Dr?Noorul Amen, Naturopathy Physician at Organic India.?Stevia is actually a natural sweetener that could be created from a plant called, Stevia Rebaudiana.

Why Stevia?
? Stevia is?beneficial to diabetic patients and those that want weight-loss since it is without effect on blood sugar since?our bodies cannot metabolize stevia. Here’s why you need to replace sugar with stevia to lose weight.
? You can use it for anyone desserts and tabletop applications, hot & cold beverages like tea, coffee, lassi, nimbu pani and cereals, with virtually no concern about cavities or any type of side-effects. Do you have diabetes? Here\’s methods to control diabetes naturally.
? The extract in Stevia, Reb A is 200 times sweeter than sugar, which enable it to minimize the added calories in what you eat.? Unlike all sugar substitutes, stevia is just not made out of body-harming chemicals.
? While artificial sweetener isn\’t completely heat stable, stevia is heat and pH stable, making it suited to cooking and baking. These are some healthy substitutes for white sugar.
? Sugar substitutes leave a distressing bitter aftertaste. With stevia, there’s no bitter aftertaste.

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