Some lesser known, nutrient-rich foods

There are plenty of well balanced meals that don’t get the attention they deserve.?Here are five ignored foods that deserve another look.

Why are some foods popular and others aren’t??I’m not discussing foods that taste as good as others, or are more enjoyment to eat—I get that.?Even so do wonder why particular foods are trendy, while others just simply aren’t eaten all that much.?It’s tough to find a restaurant in Are generally these days that doesn’t feature him salad.?Not that there’s anything wrong with that—kale healthy salad is delicious, and him is jam-packed with nutrients.?But why is it that certain foods gain superstar status while other forgotten foods—equally healthy and similarly delicious—get the short shrift?

There’s no question that food trends come and go (oat bran, any person?). It’s just a matter of time ahead of our current enthusiasm to get kale and quinoa sets out to wane. I can’t say what are the next trend will be, however i think it’s time to give a very few under-appreciated foods their due.?Here i will discuss five not-so-popular foods that are deserving of your attention.

5 forgotten meals that deserve more attention


While amaranth seems to be the grain that is definitely getting all the attention nowadays, millet has its own nutrition virtues yet it’s sadly overlooked.

A cup with cooked millet offers up more than 6 grams of protein, almost 3 grams of roughage, about a quarter of your day-to-day magnesium needs and it’s also a useful source of thiamin, niacin and zinc.

Like quinoa, millet can be technically a seed, nevertheless it’s cooked and eaten similar to a grain.?It cooks in the same way quickly—in about 15 minutes or so—and features a deliciously sweet, crazy flavor.?Oh, and does it help that that it’s gluten-free?


To me, kohlrabi looks like your turnip from Mars.?It’s large, spherical and green. It’s usually marketed with all the leaves trimmed away from, so it has these limited little stems that pooch every which way.

As affiliated with the cabbage family (similar to kale), this funny-looking vegetable has plenty to boast concerning. A cup of cooked kohlrabi provides over 100% of your daily vitamin C, and it’s a good source of potassium, too.

Kohlrabi is definitely milder and sweeter as compared with many of its cabbage family members, and can be eaten raw as well as cooked.?If you can find kohlrabi actually leaves, you can prepare them the same way you could prepare kale—and maybe even start a innovative food trend.


Many of the kiwifruit I’ve found at the supermarket are hard mainly because rocks, and have about so much flavor.?Too bad, because should they be picked at their peak, there’re absolutely delicious and so healthy for you.

A single kiwifruit gives you enough ascorbic acid for two days, has extra potassium than a banana, together with gets its lovely natural color from lutein—an free radical cleansing pigment that supports vision health.

Kiwifruit are easy to eat, much too.?Just cut in half together with scoop out the edible tissue and seeds with a spoon. If you’re really brave, you may eat the whole thing—the skin will be edible, too

Salmon in cans and also pouches

Chances are you’ve got some memorized tuna in your pantry. It is actually one of those staples that most men and women keep around the house.?Many people will not be even aware that you can buy bass in cans or shelf-stable bags, but it’s widely available and so hassle-free.

Most brands are wild-caught, and memorized salmon has up to 4x more omega-3 fatty acids and more more vitamin D when compared with light tuna.?Try it in a dishes that call for tuna.

Butternut squash

Sweet potatoes get plenty of focus for their nutritional content and tend to be often touted as a ‘superfood’—which may help explain the rapid popularity of sweet potato fries (no superfood).?But big, gorgeous butternut squash is a nutritional goliath, too—and it deserves some recognition.

Portion for portion, butternut squash has more fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and folic acid b vitamin than sweet potatoes, with about half the calories.?And a common serving will give you enough vitamin a palmitate to last you more than some days.

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